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What is a Managed Service?

A Managed Service is the practice of a client transferring day–to–day related network management responsibility through a service provider, such as Kyonet-IT, as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. Typically, the client remains accountable for the functionality and performance of the network infrastructure and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility of their network(s).

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In today's challenging business environment managing operations has become more complicated due to the increase in size of network operations and the growing pressure to keep updated with the latest technology and systems.

Maintaining the wider strategy to improve business processes and to constantly maintain competitiveness and differentiation in the market often means balancing innovation with cost reduction. Delivering and maintaining effective IT requires specialist skills and resources that are often difficult to provide in-house, especially when organisations lose their experienced support staff and new technologies are constantly being adopted.

A Managed service enables you to survive the 'peaks and troughs' of running a business, providing you with a vehicle to exceed service delivery, mitigate risk and increase the visibility of your network infrastructure.

Kyonet-IT is dedicated to delivering the IT systems and Services that your business needs. Our skills and experience in all areas of the IT market combine to assist in achieving your business objectives.

We offer simple on-site Support through to Fully Managed in conjunction with high level technical expertise that brings efficiency and stability to your environment.

Kyonet-IT ensures that your critical IT Business systems will stay available for as long as we have full management, as the client, you retain full control while we do the management.

Key features of our Fully Managed IT Service include:

To discuss in more detail, please contact us so we can design your custom solution.

Challenge Impact on The Business The Kyonet-IT Advantage

1. Mobility

Greater demand from a modern, mobile workforce.

Increased demand for service levels, adding cost to the business and reducing profitability. Proactive Remote Management 24x7. To manage any device, anywhere and anytime of the day.

2. Flexibility

ICT needs to be accountable and be seen to deliver value.

Traditional IT departments react to issues and are unable to predict future improvements to systems, leaving the business vulnerable. Capacity Planning to provide real time system information enabling informed judgement for future IT developments.

3. Cost of Delivery

Unpredictable IT Service delivery and costs.

Unpredictable service delivery costs lead to delay or the cancellation of many projects. Catalogued services for predictable IT management costs and added clarity in budget decisions.

4. Ageing Technologies.

Increased total cost of ownership.

Unproductive systems lead to increased incident management costs, more downtime, less productive IT departments and poor user experience. Problem Management for real time management information in problem areas enabling IT to make controlled system changes

5. Market Agility

The ability to react to new and emerging markets and technologies.

Loss of control or business opportunities. Resulting in reduced profitability. UK Technical Service Desk.
Business and IT collaborate towards the Business and organizational strategy.

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