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With our remote support software we can look to solve your problem instantly by securely connecting to your computer remotely from our office. All you need to do is click the blue button and follow the steps to enable us to login to your computer over the connection.

Perfect for ‘on the go’ and ‘busy’ businesses!


Due to extensive experience, Kyonet-IT’s highly qualified technical services team are able to implement complex, multi-layered IT solutions, increase... > click to view


Network design and installation is key to the success of any organisation’s long term IT strategy. As networks expand and migrate to new technologies... > click to view

Remote managed services

A Managed Service is the practice of a client transferring day–to–day related network management responsibility through a service provider,.. > click to view

Security solutions

With threats now converging from many media types, it is now more important than ever to have a constant and unified strategy on threat prevention... > click to view

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